Daily Post to evolve under new leadership

The new general manager of the Guam Daily Post said the company is excited to evolve into a media company in the digital age rather than simply Guam’s premier daily newspaper.

“This is a great opportunity for us to grow our media product,” new publisher and general manager Henry Taitano said, adding, “and I call it a media product because everyone knows us as a newspaper right now, but I think in the coming weeks and months, we’ll develop a lot more of our digital platform and hopefully collaborate with other media outlets and other organizations to just step up the level of media production here on Guam.”

Mr. Taitano, who was tapped by Post parent company Core Tech International’s chairman, Ho Eun, to lead the media company, is a longtime businessman and senior executive at CTI. Prior to his career at CTI, he was the administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority and senior economic advisor to former Gov. Eddie Calvo.

“We have to reorganize and just make sure things are structured in a way where we can be sustainable,” Mr. Taitano said. “Everyone knows the market is declining for actual print. So, we need to be structured in a way where we can grow.”

The Guam Daily Post recently partnered with Kandit and Choice Broadcasting’s The Point to host the upcoming Platform 2022 debate between the democratic candidates for lieutenant governor. The debate will be livestreamed on multiple platforms at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20, and will feature Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio and Sabrina Salas-Matanane.

“Making sure things are fair, accurate, and balanced is important,” Mr. Taitano said of his vision for the Post. “One of the things we’re looking hard into is what they call solutions journalism. It’s not just telling a story of who did what, but, what is the outcome? What is the positive outcome for the community? And can we help inform the community in a way where we can have more positive outcomes?”

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