Did load shedding break your appliances or electronics?

The attorney general of Guam wants you to be aware of your rights as customers of Guam Power Authority, and offers the information and form below if GPA’s load shedding has or will damage any of your appliances and other electronics.

The following message is from Douglas Moylan, the attorney general:

Damages to Electrical & Electronic Equipment. With the constant re-energizing of Guam’s power grid (aka “Load Shedding”), unstable power surges and fluctuations can damage electrical and electronic equipment. Guam law requires GPA pay when power surges, voltages fluctuations or frequency fluctuations damage your property. 12 GCA § 8120. See attachment.

Claims must be filed within 90 days of the damage. [Below] is a copy of GPA’s claim form. We suggest that you get a stamp-received copy from GPA, or acknowledged reply if emailed. GPA is not liable in the event that your equipment is defective or your home or business has electrical problems that were the cause of the damage. Your obtaining a writing from a qualified service tech is important in order to support your claim, showing GPA was the proximate cause for the damage.

Refrigeration Cycles. The normal inside temperature of a refrigerator is 40°F. Load shedding interrupts the safe temperature causing spoilage, especially for this Holiday Season’s food preparations and leftovers. Perishable foods, such as meat, poultry, mayonnaise, fish, milk and soft cheeses are the most susceptible to spoilage and food safety concerns. Spoiled foods can lead to food poisoning. Consumers should refrain from opening refrigerators in the event of continuous load shedding since the cooling cycles will take longer to reach the safe 40°F temperature.

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