Do you know what happened to these 3 men?

(Guam Police Department)—The Guam Police Department in tandem with Homeland Security Investigators (HSI) are seeking the help of the community in locating three foreign nationals (H2B workers) from the Philippines that are employed with a large construction company on island.

At this time, the investigation aims to determine whether the absence of these individuals, Robbie Salalila, Albert Laxamana, and Erran Magtoto, is voluntary or if they may be in a potentially dangerous situation. We are deeply concerned about their safety and wellbeing.

As a reminder to the community harboring any immigrants who may have violated their visa terms is a crime and should not be condoned or supported. Our main objective is to ensure their safety and welfare.

If you have any information that could be helpful in this investigation, we kindly ask you to contact Police Dispatch at 475-8615 thru 8617. Your assistance will greatly contribute to determining the true circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Robbie Salalila, Albert Laxamana, and Erran Magtoto.

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