DOCOMO PACIFIC donates 30 Samsung handsets to American Red Cross Guam Chapter

News release from DOCOMO PACIFIC:

DOCOMO PACIFIC, the regional leader in innovation, telecommunications, & entertainment, donates 30 Samsung handsets to the American Red Cross Guam Chapter as they provide aid post Typhoon Mawar.

Immediately following Typhoon Mawar’s passing, one of DOCOMO PACIFIC’s top priorities was to restore our Mobile Network and provide the primary means of connectivity (Voice/SMS) to our customers, first responders, critical Gov’t agencies, and all the volunteers rallying to help our island. The American Red Cross (“ARC”) has sent over 380 trained disaster workers from all over the United States. Together with our Guam Chapter volunteers, they continue to help provide safe shelter, food, and relief supplies to people impacted by the typhoon.

DOCOMO PACIFIC is here to help further support ARC’s mission by donating 30 Samsung handsets and unlimited prepaid load to keep their teams connected.

“Communication is key in ensuring an immediate and efficient response to serve those affected by Typhoon MAWAR. Our heartfelt gratitude to DOCOMO PACIFIC for their continued support.”

Chita Blaise, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross Guam Chapter

To learn more about the American Cross of Guam Chapter and how you can help families affected by Typhoon Mawar, visit their website: or text the word TYPHOON to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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American Red Cross Phone donation

In Photo (from left): Jared Roberto, Public Relations Manager, DOCOMO PACIFIC; Betsy Witthohn, Job Director, American Red Cross; Ian Dyar, Deputy Director, American Red Cross; Chita Blaise, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross Guam Chapter; Marilyn Borja, EVP of Consumer Business Unit, DOCOMO PACIFIC; and Tito Castro, EVP of Enterprise Business Unit, DOCOMO PACIFIC

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