Dog saved, alleged abuser arrested

A GAIN volunteer gives the dog rescued from an abusive home in Piti some tender, loving care.

The following is a news release from Guam Animals In Need (GAIN):

Last week, a horrific video of a man beating his tied-up dog was widely circulated on Guam. Fortunately, Guam’s territorial veterinarian Dr. Mariana Turner was alerted. Dr. Turner and the Animal Control Officers jumped into action and found the dog, taking him to safety. GPD found the abuser and took him into custody.

“Animal abuse and neglect is illegal on Guam. It is important for our community to remember that this can and will be enforced. If you see something, say something”, said Dr. Turner. “Violent acts of this caliber are rarely an isolated event. There is an established link between violence against animals and concurrent violence against people. Animal abusers must be held accountable for their actions, as a matter of not only animal welfare but also for public safety,” Territorial Veterinarian Mariana Turner states.

Per Guam Animals In Need (GAIN) Director Alison Hadley, “It breaks our hearts to see these situations. This dog is very sweet and loving, but was unable to defend himself against his abuser. He is an innocent animal.”

Animal Control faces many challenges, one of which being that they only have access to one functional vehicle. As official law enforcement personnel, Animal Control Officers have been dividing their duties assisting GPD to provide security at the human shelters, escort fuel tankers, and are now helping to distribute commodities to the points of distribution. Despite the limitations, the team still strives to prioritize significant abuse cases such as this.

Per GAIN president Lauren Cabrera, “We are grateful for the community member who reached out with such condemning evidence so we could handle this situation. Please continue to look out for the animals in this way.”

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