Doug Moylan says the crime problem needs a strong AG

Guam’s first elected attorney general and the man challenging Leevin Camacho for the seat says Guam’s problem with crime requires, as part of the solution, a strong attorney general.

Doug Moylan, engaging with Kandit’s commenters on a story Saturday about a Wusstig Road home robbery, said Mr. Camacho’s failures have helped to allow crime to flourish. Mr. Moylan, whose crusade against crime and corruption between 2003 and 2007 led to hundreds of successful prosecutions, said if elected, he will prioritize criminal prosecution to send a clear message to criminals.

Here is his full statement:

“A strong AG being able to put together and keep a team of dedicated prosecutors, work with GPD and the victims and get our juries to convict, then seeking the maximum punishment from Judges will deter and send the clear message to others of the harsh consequence of their criminality. I remain the toughest AG on crime and will bring that type of prosecution back if elected. If elected we will bring back those dedicated prosecutors and work with DOC to imprison the criminals. Right now the AG is incapable of effectively prosecuting crimes since more than half of the twenty-one prosecutors left his office. Relief, Recovery and Reform are the first order of business if our team is elected. Criminal prosecution and protecting the community is the first priority.”


  • Leevin Lightweight is either woke, “soft on crime” prosecutor or simply incompetent. Need AG Moylan back in office so criminals are put back into DOC, and are afraid to re-offend

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