Download and register for MyBenefits portal to access your welfare information

Tired of driving to Public Health, or waiting for your case worker to call or email you about your SNAP benefits, Medicaid, or welfare accounts?

Solve your problems and sign up for the MyBenefits portal. It’s free and easy.

Go to this website, register with your information, and get the following services done online from now on!

And by the way… Public Health no longer requires a mayor’s verification!


✔️ See your case notices
✔️ View your benefits amounts
✔️ See when your benefits expire
✔️ See your next appointment date
✔️ View your case worker’s contact information.

Tune into Kandit on Facebook and YouTube at 1:15 pm today, Tuesday, November 21, 2023, when a manager of these programs explains this and more!


  • This is great, especially those who don’t drive as much. Can I work with my caseworker through the phone? Thank you

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