Drugs, threats of rape made against cop’s daughter & wife led to confrontation, neighbors say in his defense

Neighbors of Guam Police Department Lt. Jojo Garcia have defended the cop’s actions depicted in a viral video that occurred early last week in Ypaopao, Dededo. “One of the guys threatened to rape his daughter and his wife,” one of the neighbors, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Kandit.

Another neighbor, who also fears retaliation if her name is released, said the people Mr. Garcia was yelling at in the video live in one of the homes in the cut de sac. One of the tenants of the home, she said, “He’s been in the news several times for it being a drug house and just got out of jail a couple years ago. When people get out of prison they go to live with him…he let’s them camp out on his property.”

The neighbor alleges sometimes traffic for the drug buys are rerouted to a nearby store, Galilee Mart. “The people that filmed the video are career criminals,” she said. “A lot going on in this neighborhood. I also know that undercover SWAT patrols our neighborhood regularly.”

A longtime resident of the cul de sac, Jose Nandes, agreed to be interviewed on the record. Mr. Nandes witnessed a part of the confrontation, and also has noticed an increase in traffic and activity at the home of his next door neighbor, a “Mr. Borja,” since Mr. Borja’s father passed away.

Here is Mr. Nandes’s perspective of the situation:

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