Emergency load shedding tonight on Guam

March 25, 2023

*Piti Units 8 & 9 are offline for emergency repairs
Load shedding possible during peak demand today*

(Fadian, Mangilao) – GPA announces that it will implement brief rotating outages from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 25, 2023 due to limited generation capacity. Piti Units 8 & 9, two of the island’s four baseload power plants, are offline for emergency repairs to fuel injectors, reducing the total power generation capacity to approximately 219 megawatts.

Emergency repairs on both baseload plants are expected to be completed by this weekend.

The load shedding schedule, attached, is posted on GPA’s website and social media pages including Instagram and Facebook. It should be noted that a load shedding schedule is provided to assist customers to plan in case an outage may occur but does not mean a power interruption is imminent.

We thank you for your continued patience.

The schedule below represents a list of potentially affected areas. This schedule is subject to change based on generation capacity and power demand. As of March 25, 2023; 18:30

*Saturday, March 25, 2023
6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.* This schedule is subject to change based on generation capacity and power demand.
• Chalan San Antonio southbound to ITC intersection, including Baltej Plaza, GPO, and village [P-204]
• Gov. Carlos G Camacho Rd, Alupang Cove, RIHGA Resort; Calvo Memorial Industrial Park (behind ITC); Rte 1 Northbound (Jack In The Box to Rexall); and surrounding areas [P-205]
• Rte 1 Northbound (Hafa Adai Lane to Don Don Ki) [P-206]
• Route 1 southbound (Paradise Meadows, Chalan La Chanch, Mataguac, Chalan Koda); Route 9 (Machanaonao, Agafa Gumas) to Potts Junction [P-330]
• Route 1 southbound (Latter Day Saints to old Ace Hardware) including Dominican, SSHS and FBLG school areas [P-331]
• Route 1 northbound (Turner Rd to GAIN), Perez Acres, Gayinero Dr, Chalan John Sablan, and surrounding areas [P-331]
• Route 15 from Raceway Park to Mt Santa Rosa, including Gill Breeze subdivision [P-331]
• Route 15 (Hawaiian Rock to Fausto Pangelinan St, including Marbo Cave Rd) [P-323]
• Pale San Vitores Rd westbound (Proa to Hilton, including Ypao Beach Park) [P-402]
• Route 1 southbound, Upper Tumon from Shell MicroMall to Infusion Upper Tumon [P-047]

*Saturday, March 25, 2023
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.* This schedule is subject to change based on generation capacity and power demand.
• West O’Brien Dr westbound, including Julale, District Court, Post Office, GWA treatment plant [P-282]
• West O’Brien Dr., eastbound, including Santa Cruz Ln to Pizza Hut, including Superior Court and San Ramon Hill [P-283]
• Chalan Palasyo from San Ramon Hill to K&S Market, including Government House, Civil Defense, Agana Hts village [P-283]
• Parts of Sinajana village, Calle Angel Flores, Chalan Makajna, Chalan Guam Yu’os, and surrounding areas [P-283]
• Archbishop Flores Circle, Perezville, and surrounding areas [P-400]
• Route 1 southbound from Old San Vitores Rd to JFK hill, including DPW, portion of Harmon Industrial Park, and surrounding areas [P-240]
• Pale San Vitores eastbound from Ypao Beach Rd to JFK hill, including Flame Tree Plaza and Royal Orchid [P-246]

*Saturday, March 25, 2023
8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.* This schedule is subject to change based on generation capacity and power demand.
• Carnation Ave, Adacao Rd to Latte Heights to Las Palmas Phase II, and surrounding areas [P-322]
• Along Ysengsong Rd to Chalan Lamassu, parts of Swamp Rd, Stampa Rd, Chalan Palauan to Machanao area, Astumbo to Ironwood Estates and nearby areas [P-087]
• Route 1 southbound from Prestige Motors to Fatima Rd, including Dededo village, Ysengsong Rd (from Rte 1 to Clara St), including Mobil, GTA and surrounding areas [P-088]
• Route 33/Roy T Damian intersection (including Agana Shopping Center) to West O’Brien Dr (from Agana Library to 9th St); Martyr St, Archbishop Flores St, Chamorro Village, Paseo, and surrounding areas [P-281]
• Chalan San Antonio northbound (Jerry Kitchen to Sagua Managu, and Ada compound); Farenholt Ave westbound (St Anthony Church to Oka Payless); Jonestown & Guam Greyhound [P-203]


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