WATCH: Fight breaks out in CNMI Senate

Sen. Victor Hocog attempted to fight with Sen. Paul Manglona in the Senate Chamber Monday afternoon. Sergeant-at-arms Pedro Towai had to jump a chain barrier to stop Mr. Hocog from assaulting his Rota colleague.

Video sent to Kandit shows Mr. Hocog rushing Mr. Manglona, then being restrained by an officer of the chamber. Sen. Edith Deleon Guerrero and Senate President Jude Hofschneider also helped to block and calm Mr. Hocog.

The altercation occurred shortly after Mr. Manglona attempted to address the senate during the public comment period. Mr. Hofschneider cut the microphone, then recessed the senate. He then had the public gallery cleared, when the fight broke out.

The senate was in the midst of public comments aimed against proposed rules for the governance of the impeachment trial of Gov. Ralph Torres.

This is a developing story.


  • It’s so embarrassing that as a Commonwealth the Senate president have allowed this behavior to persists. Just so that they could derailed the impeachment of Raphet.

    WE THE PEOPLE Deserved a better representation than this current Senators.

    Fan makmatta taotao tano Para I Tano-ta Marianas!!!

  • Frank Agulto

      03/01/2022 at 3:08 AM

    If it turns that any “Senator” of a regionalized section of to focus on as a “Slave” of a his Constituent People he Representing. Then, so be it, but, was any “Senator” a “Slave of a People of the Mariana Island he is Representing”. What then is the “bottom” line. Is it that a “Senator” or “House of Representative Member” a “Slave of Sins” or “Slave of Righteous”. It is this “principle” for any Senator as a “principal”. Blessed God. Thanks God that you are just better than anyone in this “humanity sphere”. Amen, So be it.

  • Comments below came from Marianas Variety “Are you seeking justice or war.”

    alvaro a. santos Albert Palacios • 2 days ago
    Wow! Someone duck taped him with material reward(s). Wonder what it was? Cash, favor or both?

    Tan Dung alvaro a. santos • 2 days ago
    Atbaro, your just mad because they didnt amend the law to allow you to serve as a commissioner twice. I’m just a retiree waiting for my bonus.

    Peter Q. Cruz aka Tan Dung,

    A retiree receiving high pension due to the political connection in the past and continue to be appointed as board of director receiving all kinds of perks from the CNMI government. We know that blood is thicker than water and your nephew Mr. Governor will continue his legacy until the CNMI General Election. The article above is an example why the governor is still paying for your high standard of living in the CNMI. Which high paying positions had been given to your closed relatives for your present connection with the governor and the CNMI leaderships. This coming election will mark the end of your Nephew (Governor Torres) reign in the CNMI. The money is so good that a sitting senator will go to the extend to silence a CNMI Senator Minority bloc via violence above. Shame.

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