Fisher: Find the criminal working in the Guam Legislature

Sen. Tom Fisher

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week during the debate on whether to appropriate $30 million to the Guam Department of Education, a forged legislative document began circulating. The document was made to appear like an official floor amendment to legislation. It falsely and fraudulently portrayed Sen. Chris Duenas as attempting to repeal pay raises for teachers. On The Ray Gibson Show this morning, Sen. Tom Fisher said an initial look into the crime revealed the original transmission pinged to a University of Guam server)

Senator Thomas Fisher filed Resolution No. 67-37 (LS), which addresses the circulation of a fraudulent but official document by an employee of a sitting member of the 37th Guam Legislature. 

The petition, addressed to Speaker Therese Terlaje, states: “We, as a body, found out that this document was fraudulent and was neither submitted to the clerks nor uploaded to the Session Drive or circulated as a print copy on the floor. Considering that this document was purported to be from a sitting member of the 37th Guam Legislature, I believe that we must create a Special Investigating Committee to ensure the safety of our members and our support staff.”

“We can’t afford to wait until our next scheduled session to have these discussions,” the petition concludes. 


Senator Fisher reiterated that this offense can’t be overlooked. “Fraud and forgery is a crime. If we knowingly allow a crime to take place and further allow it to perpetuate, we all become culpable. As a lawyer and lawmaker, I want answers,” said Senator Fisher. 

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