GDOE investigating attack on autistic child

A George Washington High School aide slapped a boy with autism, and now is the subject of a criminal and administrative investigation. According to a Notice of Allegation of Assault or Harassment issued by the school’s vice principal, the student, who does not speak, ran from his one-to-one aide before the aide grabbed his backpack to stop him.

The student turned around a slapped the aide on the face, then the aide “reacted inappropriately by slapping [the boy] on the face as well,” according to the report. The incident happened last week Thursday.

“I’m aware of a report involving a GW school aide and a student that is being investigated and will be addressed once the investigation is complete,” Department of Education superintendent Jon Fernandez told Kandit. “At this time, the employee has been detailed to central pending completion of the investigation.”

The incident has called into question whether DOE has been ensuring its employees dealing with children with special needs are getting proper training.

“I cannot confirm at this time,” Mr. Fernandez replied when asked whether this particular school aide received the proper training, “but it should be covered in our investigation. I’m looking for the information so we can ensure we address.”

The boy’s father has been afraid to send his son back to school for fear he may be targeted, or another school employee may abuse him. “He doesn’t speak, but we noticed a change in his behavior,” he said of his son. He is thankful for the Guam Police Department detectives, who swiftly visited the boy at his home, and who seemed to be trained in dealing with delicate circumstances such as this, according to the father.


  • Frank Perez

      04/26/2022 at 2:29 PM

    Think about it. The employee barrel for vetted paraprofessionals has led to possibly hiring people of the streets, give them what 3 weeks of ojt, and then considered “appropriately” ready to work the most difficult category of children! Give me a break…Where is the transparency on the real shortcomings the Special Education Division presently face. It is not all honky dorry in the land of OZ!

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