GMH $37M in the hole

Guam Memorial Hospital owes its vendors $37.3 million, of which more than half are bills that are more than 90 days old. This is according to a ledger of GMH accounts payable aging provided to Kandit Monday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The report is titled 1-Feb 2023 AP Trade Aging, but a heading states it was printed April 13, 2023.

According to the ledger, which came with no explanations from GMH officials who have been dodging questions of financial accountability for nearly three weeks now, GMH’s largest current liability is to the Department of Administration. GMH owes DOA $10.6 million, $9.6 million of which is more than 90 days old.

Vendors 30 and 54, which according to the ledger are both named Treasurer of Guam, are owed a combined $3.8 million.

GMH owes nearly $1.9 million to Nuwest Group Holdings, LLC, which is a recruitment firm for travel nurses, among other matters. The bulk of that liability is more than 90 days old.

Another travel nursing agency, Aya Healthcare, Inc., is owed $442,720, more than half of which is beyond 90 days aging.

Yet another travel nursing agency, Medical Solutions, is owed $840,060, the bulk of which is more than 90 days old.

GMH owes MedPharm, which supplies life-saving pharmaceuticals to the hospital’s patients, nearly $1.5 million, all of which is more than 90 days old and on accrual status.

The hospital owes more than $1.5 million to Guam Power Authority. Its current bill is $600,447. Its liability between 31 and 60 days aging is $329,203. Its aging power bill between 61 and  90 days is $309,605. And its bill that is more than 90 days old is $299,339.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, who repeatedly lectures senators and the public that she “is in charge of the hospital according to the Organic Act,” has painted a rosy picture of what she terms “the best financial situation we have ever seen in our government,” did not disclose GMH’s burgeoning liabilities to its vendors during her push for the expenditure of so-called surplus funds for pay raises. In fact, neither GMH nor Adelup have ever responded to the media’s requests for confirmation of GMH illegally pay net payroll only to its employees.

According to the disclosed ledger, GMH owes another medical supply and equipment company, JMI Edison, $829,243, with $612,316 of that billing more than 90 days old.

Even its laundry vendor, The Laundry Solutions, which helps to ensure the sanitation of the hospital, is owed nearly half a million dollars.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DLS), International Hospital Supply Corporation, Quantum Pharmaceutical Supply, Guam Waterworks Authority, Asona Surgical Consultants, Guam Medical Waste, Global Medical Staffing, Guam Radiology Consultants, Pacific Laundry and Textile, and a whole range of hospital vendors on a ledger of more than 250 are owed $37,261,082, of which $20,506,997 is more than 90 days old.

And that’s only as of the date of this report, which is unclear from the report itself.

Lillian Perez Posadas

GMH administrator Lillian Perez-Posadas has been on leave and unavailable for comment. Her administrative staff have not been forthcoming about hospital financial information.

You may review the ledger below:


  • Alan San Nicolas

      05/04/2023 at 5:35 AM

    Yanggen otru man di-dibi esta man ma kotte. Yanggen chatsaga ma apasi I debi pago’ pues hafa na estao I nuebu na espitat?

  • William Hannmann

      05/04/2023 at 12:44 PM

    GMHA – This story never ends with the Hospital not paying there bills on time and that goes with payroll, not paying the retirement fund and so on. There are just too many people ether double dipping or politically appointed with no qualifications for positions that they hold.
    They should take it away from GovGuam and have a private operator manage and operate the hospital.

  • What is wrong with this administration?

    Drugs is rampant;
    Crime is over the top;
    Businesses closed and the remaining businesses are struggling;
    Guam Memorial Hospital is dilapidated;
    GMH is 37,000$ “in the hole”;
    GVB is in turmoil;
    Timon is like a Ghost town;
    a tourist strangled;
    abandoned vehicles are displayed throughout the island, like monumental beauties of this paradise;
    the illegal lease and the illegal pay raise!

    Who is in charge?

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