GOOD MORNING MARIANAS! Your morning news for Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Watch this morning’s newscast – Good Morning Marianas – to see the top stories from Kandit. Also, here is Kandit’s news agenda for today:

  • The state of the nation address by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.
  • Doug Moylan issued a statement regarding Leevin Camacho’s failed leadership of the criminal justice system.
  • TOP STORY: The public auditor has found $41 million in questioned costs of federal funds


  • This is useless broadcast, it s better in print especialy since even with column on the CP turned up all the way it is barely audible. The “newscast” takes up too much time and jumps all over and then repeatedly back on to subject matter.
    There is also no ability to make spelling correction. Very bad all the way around especially since it take too much uneccesary time to get to the pertenant news.

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