GOOD MORNING MARIANAS: Your morning news for Tuesday, September 13, 2022


  • The campaigns for governor respond to Peter Santos’s claims
  • Monkeypox
  • Dengue Fever
  • Swamp Road

Watch this morning’s newscast – Good Morning Marianas – to see the top stories from Kandit. Also, here is Kandit’s news agenda for today:

  • STARTING COVERAGE: Is a GMH contractor making money off tax refunds garnishments?
  • CONTINUING COVERAGE: Heirs of the Quenga estate want justice in an alleged multi-million dollar landscam running from Sinajana to Ordot.
  • DEVELOPING COVERAGE: Is the governor’s family benefiting from her decision to keep $320 million in federal discretionary funds in the bank?


  • Kandit, please stop giving Santos free time. He doesn’t deserve it. When he had the nerve to announce his write-in candidacy, he didn’t even have the decency to ask if it is all right with you. This guy is something else, a wannabe! Thank you Kandit most especially, Troy Torres.

    p.s. confidentiality!?? That individual is an open book! Forward should’ve been his middle name.

  • Here we have one statute that provides that the two candidates in the Primary for the Office of Attorney General who receive the most votes advance to the General Election, and another, subsequently enacted statute, requiring a space be provided for write ins besides EACH office on the ballot (except for the Guam Education Board). On its face, the latter statute is applicable to ballots for all offices, except for the Guam Education Board, in both the Primary and General Election.

    Peter J. Santos refers to the canons of statutory construction. The canons to which he refers provide that statutes shall be construed as to avoid an unreasonable result. Here, providing for space for write-ins for the office of Attorney General in the General Election, when the Primary Election has already winnowed the field of candidates to the top two, would lead to an unreasonable result, inasmuch as it would frustrate the legislative intent that there be only two candidates for Attorney General in the General Election.

    Rory Respicio has NOT denied that someone from the Leon Guerrero campaign told Peter J. to lay off Leevin, whereas the Camacho campaign has denied doing so. Peter J. said both campaigns are going to do everything in their power to make sure Leevin wins, that Doug’s cause is hopeless, and he, by jumping in the race, is (manfully) assuming the mantle of leadership of the anti-Leevin forces. But is Peter J. actually anti-Leevin?

    I ask you, who would benefit from a splitting of the anti-Leevin vote? Not Doug, certainly. Nor Peter J, if he is truly anti-Leevin. For, to succeed in the General, Peter J would have to garner all the votes Doug received in the Primary, plus the votes of more than half of the voters in the General who did not vote in Primary,

    Not gonna happen…especially not with write in votes.

    No, it looks like Peter J is a spoiler, whose candidacy is not in good faith. This begs the question…at whose behest is he acting?

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