Governor demands apology to Shimizu for derogatory reference

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero issued the following statement this morning:

“Last night, a local media outlet published a derogatory remark about Dafne Mansapit-Shimizu, the Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation. The comment was vulgar, offensive, and unprofessional. Worse yet, it was petty. Personal attacks do nothing but lower the level of public discourse. They are unwarranted and should be acknowledged for what they are: acts of cowardice that damage professional journalism and undermine responsible reporting. It should not be condoned. It should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

“While dissent plays an important role in our system of government, name-calling is not criticism. It is beneath the dignity of Director Mansapit-Shimizu, and frankly, it is beneath the dignity of any legitimate news outlet. As with any organization, whether public or private, responsibility starts from the top down. I expect that the leadership at this news outlet will publicly apologize to the Director and hold the individuals responsible accountable for their actions.

“Director Mansapit-Shimizu is a public servant. She is a proud CHamoru woman, and she has worked tirelessly to serve our people. Under her leadership, DRT has risen to the challenge of administering some of the most ambitious and broadly impactful programs ever implemented by any agency in our island’s history. Her record speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes. I know this to be true and so do the people she works with and the people she serves. Guam is good.”


  • Joseph Flores

      10/06/2021 at 8:16 AM

    Who ever type out the remark should be fired and KUAM GM should come out and apologize. So embarrassing for KUAM.

  • Ms Shimizu is doing an amazing job. We should be thanking her for all her hard work. Things we waite for may take a little bit off time I can only emagine how hard and how long it takes for her and her department. A big thank you and I applaud you and your team. I truly believe you think for all the people off Guam , if you think for only the selected few how easy it would be. People off Guam their are so many off us and only 1 off her I have yet to see anything better happen. Wonderful job Ms Shimizu . I apologize to you and your people for humans being selfish.

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