Governor taps Glen Hunter into cabinet

Gov. Arnold Palacios has named Glen Hunter special assistant for broadband policy and development.

Mr. Hunter is a Saipan resident and businessman, who has been vocal against corruption for decades.

The entrepreneur has always been apprehensive about government employment for himself, but as the saying goes, “When the governor calls, you answer.”

A friend in Saipan gave me a better way of saying it: “Listo yu’ para bai hu fanietbe sigun I inagang I gobietno,” or “I am ready to serve according to the Governor’s call.”

Mr. Hunter founded, built, and operates his business, a restaurant along Beach Road, Oleai, called The Shack. He started the company after being ostracized and blacklisted by the powers-who-were from gainful employment in the private sector; retribution for his years of outspoken criticism of government misconduct.

But ‘anti-corruption,’ was the theme that swept Mr. Palacios, Lt. Gov. David Apatang, and the coalition majority in the legislature into office last election; and there is no bigger name in the anti-corruption movement in the Mariana Islands than Glen Hunter.

Add to that Mr. Hunter’s decades of experience in several industries and his vast knowledge of development, and the appointment fell into place.

Congratulations, Glen Hunter.

[Full disclosure: Glen Hunter is my former brother in law, whom I continue to call ‘niao’]


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