GovGuam paints crosswalk AFTER truck hits Untalan student

It literally took for a truck to hit a student as he was crossing the street from Untalan Middle School, for the government of Guam to repaint the crosswalk there.

The picture above depicts people helping the student immediately after he was struck by the truck while crossing the road, using the faded crosswalk.

The picture below depicts the newly-painted crosswalk days after the incident.


  • This is 100% the Guam Government way. Re Active, verses PRO-ACTIVE. Only when something bad happens does the government go out an make changes to our roads, and our school zones. If you take a Sunday stroll thru every village and drive by every school, you will see that school zones are not marked, improperly marked, no speed limit signs, and most importantly there are no CROSSING-GUARDS at Guam schools, unlike U.S. states where there is a crossing-guard at every school area. GPD, if you want to bring in extra money to the government, park near St. Anthony school, LBJ and Tamuning elementary school. Every morning this area is a FREEWAY speed zone. DPW you need to mark the crosswalks in this area. Pro-Active saves lives, Re-Active is too late……

  • Alan San Nicolas

      03/19/2023 at 5:49 AM

    Magahet-Fi’et na yanggen guaha desgrasia put seno prublema na man gof chaddek. DPW I katsada giya Talofofo Rt.4 3-Way, alulayi ma penta sa man mafnas I hagas matka. Mungnga ma nangga estaki guaha desgrasiáo (aksidente) Esta I otru birada.

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