GPA: 46% restored. Crews to work on Talo’fo’fo, Tamuning, Dededo, Agana Heights, Yoña, Hågat, and critical infrastructure restoration today


  • What about Barrigada area near the Harvest school side? The morning after the typhoon we went and did our own typhoon damage assessment, very little damage to primary, secondary lines, service drops. So why is power still out in this area? Our Barrigada mayor and vice mayor is no where to be found? Haven’t seen either of them since the typhoon? I guess they don’t consider us part of Barrigada! In fact in the 30 years living in this area, not once has any Barrigada mayor been up our road! As for GPA’s power restoration for this area, even before the typhoon, this area was constantly having power outages and brownouts! These public servants should be ashamed of themselves, but knowing them, they have no shame!

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