Guam AG goes after United for alleged price gouging; United corrects “IT error”

Guam Attorney General Douglas Moylan wrote to United Airlines Guam general manager Samuel Shinohara this morning informing him of Mr. Moylan’s investigation into United for alleged price gouging.

“United Airlines appears to be in violation of Guam Law by raising prices by in excess of 600% of pre-Super Typhoon Mawar ticket prices for airfare to return to Guam,” Mr. Moylan wrote. “Guam residents submitted several videos to the AG’s Office complaining of economy class, one-way fares in excess of $8,000 for a return ticket to Guam.”

“We have now opened an investigation into possible violations of Guam’s Deceptive Practices Consumer Protection Act, and possibly other Guam laws, as these are very serious allegations,” the AG informed Mr. Shinohara. “The Attorney General’s Office is tasked with enforcing local laws against false, misleading and deceptive practices that are injurious to consumers.”

Within hours, United’s Global Government and Regulatory Affairs managing director Dan Weiss replied to Mr. Moylan, asserting United did not price gouge, and that the fares listed on its website were in error.

“We had an IT error within our website and once United management was made of aware of the problem it was quickly rectified,” Mr. Weiss wrote. “In the coming few days we will provide you are more substantive response to your inquiry.”

You may view both letters below:



  • IT error? My A**! This company has been charging us an arm and a leg. Imagine $600.00 round trip to and from Guahan and Saipan for a mere 25-minute ride.

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