Guam Republican Party endorses anti-abortion bill

The following is a news release from the Republican Party of Guam:

The Republican Party of Guam has always supported the Right to Life and the science that life begins the moment of conception, which is why we stand behind and fully support Bill 291-36, also known as the “Guam Heartbeat Act of 2022”.

This legislation is about protecting and saving human life to include the most vulnerable, the life in the womb.

Opponents to the bill are claiming that the bill is “moot” since there are no abortion doctors on the island. Although there are no doctors that perform this specific procedure, there are other medical practitioners that still do perform abortions. Pills that essentially force a miscarriage are also being used. Both are also not being reported.

Another false narrative that is always part of this argument is that proponents for this type of legislation don’t address social issues, such as, but not limited to, foster care, adoption, homelessness, and sexual assault. These are issues that require a moral responsibility which should be addressed by all parties, always, regardless of their position on abortion. We don’t need to fix the world to justify a person’s existence, and equally important is that we can’t “only” start addressing these social issues when pro-life measures are introduced.

A related argument is that proponents to pro-life bills are insensitive and neglect victims of rape and incest. In these cases, it is important that these victims get the help and counseling that they need. There are success stories of women and their children that were able to overcome this horrible crime. Punishment should be focused on the perpetrator and not the innocent life inside the womb. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Another claim is that these types of measures only come up during election years to get votes and is backed by a vocal minority, is an absolute farce. Put simply, this bi-partisan measure, and others like it, are introduced because they are the right thing to do, and there is no “right time” to introduce them. They aren’t pandered to a vocal minority or a quiet majority, but instead are focused on the only priority, which is the most vulnerable sitting in a woman’s womb.

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