Guam son dies in the states; family raising money for funeral expenses

Brandon Santos, a 41-year-old Guam native, died last week in the states, according to his sister, Chantel Santos. He was the eldest of 16, and his family does not have the means by themselves to give him a proper burial.

Your charity by donation through a GoFundMe page his sister Charmaine set up will help the Santos family in their time of despair and need.

You may find the page on GoFundMe by clicking here.

Here is the note Charmaine wrote on the page about her brother, his death, and their family:

“Hi, my name is Charmaine and just yesterday we were informed that our brother and our parents’ oldest son, Brandon, passed away. Brandon is the oldest of 16 siblings. He has three older children in Idaho and a set of young twins in Colorado. We are truly still in shock to learn of this devastating news and are deeply sadden that we know longer have him with us. It’s just hard to believe. We all loved him dearly.

“Brandon was a great, big brother who when he was old enough to have a job, he often supported our family. He always worried about each of us even when he had his growing family to care for. If we had school needs and other necessities or wants we could not afford, like shoes and clothes, he made sure we were taken care of. He was a big supporter of my sister and I competing in sports at school. He was always the loudest person on the sidelines at our games and the one who had so much hope for our future as athletes because he really believed in us and saw our potential.

”Brandon was able to find humor in any situation and he always made us laugh so hard. He found joy in the littlest things. He loved watching the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat play just as much as he loved life! He could tell you everything you needed to know about their teams. When he was determined to do something, he was unstoppable. He was talented in the kitchen just like his mother and grandmother before him. He was so proud to be working as a sauté chef for distinguished restaurants in Boise. We were all so proud of him. He may not have finished high school, but he was one darn, smart guy! If he had something to give, he was also not selfish, he would put others before himself. A few days before he died, he shared with our youngest brother how he wanted to do better in life, make his family proud, and how he was sorry for his past mistakes. That was the kind of person he was. That is the person we will always keep in our hearts.

“On behalf of my family, and particularly my mother who is dealing with a lot right now as you can imagine, emotionally, as well as with funeral arrangements and other impending costs, including the cost to bring our brother back to Mt. Home and ultimately back to his birth home in Guam where he grew up and was loved by many, we are kindly asking for any monetary donations. If you are able to help, any amount will be greatly appreciated, given to our mom, and put immediately towards Brandon’s funeral expenses. Your thoughts and prayers are also appreciated. We thank you so much for your help and support during this time.

“Love, the Santos Family”

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