GVB prepares for anticipated increase in travel from Korea

The following is a news release from the Guam Visitors Bureau:

Carl Gutierrez

With the unwavering support and commitment of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Joshua Tenorio to help defray the cost of PCR testing of returning visitors, the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has announced that the island is preparing for an increase in travel from Korea in the coming weeks.

The pending influx of travel is also due to the country’s high in-country vaccination rates, better-developed healthcare system, and the in-market sentiment of learning to live with COVID.

GVB President and CEO Carl T.C. Gutierrez announced at the March 10th Board of Directors meeting that Guam will continue to provide free PCR testing for incoming visitors until the end of the current fiscal year or until the PCR requirement is lifted by the island’s source markets.

“I want to thank Gov. Leon Guerrero, Lt. Gov. Tenorio and the Department of Public Health and Social Services for their support as we keep moving tourism forward. Without their commitment, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the free PCR testing through September 30th,” said Gutierrez. “This news comes at an opportune time as the Korean government announced today that they are planning to reduce or lift quarantine restrictions for re-entry into Korea beginning March 21.”

GVB is also anticipating this support from the local government will also spur Guam’s other source markets to follow suit with the easing of quarantine restrictions.

The Bureau provided free PCR testing from November to December 2021. GVB relaunched the program on February 28, 2022. All incoming visitors are able to book testing online at www.visitguam.com/pcr and can avail themselves of any of the seven participating clinics located throughout the island.

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