GWA GM inherited money from Ukudu land sale

Miguel Bordallo was among several heirs, who benefited from the estate of Jose Martinez Torres, when the estate sold its interest in Ukudu property for millions of dollars between 2006 and 2007. Among the properties sold to Younex Corporation was Lot No. 10184-7, the land where the Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant is operated by the Guam Waterworks Authority.

Core Tech International in 2015 purchased all of Younex’s properties, as evidenced by a mortgagee’s deed following a legally-held auction. Part of the ownership interest included a certificate of title evidencing ownership of Lot No. 10184-7.

Then-director of land management Micheal Borja in December 2018 sued CTI for the Superior Court of Guam to change that certificate of title in favor of GovGuam. GWA joined the case months later in an effort to quiet title in favor of GWA.

Mr. Bordallo has been the general manager of GWA since 2016. He has been the person verifying GWA’s court filings on behalf of the agency. Those court filings include GWA’s position that CTI never owned the land.

CTI attorney Vanessa Williams picked up on the contradiction between Bordallo’s interests as an heir who ostensibly made money from the sale of the land, and as the general manager of the utility agency fighting to take that land from the private landowner.

In an October 15, 2020 deposition, Mr. Bordallo admitted to receiving proceeds from the sale of the Torres estate in 2007.

“So, my understanding is, the properties that were deeded to the Torres estate were sold by the administrators of that estate and then subsequently the proceeds of the sale were apportioned to the estates of the heirs of which my father was one,” Mr. Bordallo said under oath.

Ms. Williams then asked Mr. Bordallo: “So, this would have included the sale of Lot AL002, correct?”

He answered, “Presumably, yes.”

Lot AL002 was the designation given to the entirety of the estate sold by the administratrixes of the Torres estate in 2007 to Younex. That included Lot 10184-7. Ms. Williams, during the deposition, asked Mr. Bordallo whether he was present for any of the court hearings involving the Torres estate. At first the GWA general manager said he had not attended any.

Pressed further by Ms. Williams, Bordallo admitted he had.

In fact, the transcripts of an August 30, 2007 hearing in the court of then-Judge Elizabeth Barrett Anderson reveal Mr. Bordallo actually was present, when the sale of Lot AL002 specifically was discussed. Mr. Bordallo in fact was represented that day by his attorney, Vincent Leon Guerrero; a fact that Kandit will elaborate on in a separate story.

Despite Mr. Bordallo’s participation in and benefit from the sale of the Ukudu property, he now tells a court of law and the public that CTI has never owned the NDWWTP land. This, despite all evidence to the contrary and a November 30, 2021 decision and order from Judge Elyze Iriarte asserting otherwise.

Mr. Bordallo does not respond to Kandit’s requests for comment. He’s been too busy charging an old lady living in a Yigo shack tens of thousands of dollars in water she doesn’t use.

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