GWA prepares for third encroachment onto private property

Guam Waterworks Authority appears to be preparing for a third encroachment onto private property. The utility agency last week demolished a second fence line that once divided the perimeter of the Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant and Core Tech International’s concrete batch plant.

A blue marker was freshly painted about six feet into the batch plant property from where the fence line once stood. Sources confirmed CTI did not add the marker. GWA general manager Miguel Bordallo did not respond to Kandit’s request for comment.

GWA contractors two years ago tore down the Core Tech fence perpendicular to the north post of the fence it uprooted last week. The agency then encroached several meters north into the batch plant with a new fence. The fence line it destroyed last week bordered the eastern property boundaries.

Documents show GWA has no ownership interest in the land where it operates the NDWWTP.

This is the latest in GWA’s ongoing behavior as a bad squatter, despite losses in local court in its land dispute with CTI.

The dispute started in December 2019, when then-director of land management Michael Borja took CTI to court to change a certificate of title on the NDWWTP land in favor of GovGuam instead of CTI. GWA joined the lawsuit early the following year to quiet title in favor of GWA. CTI, according to documents and validated in a November 30, 2021 decision and order from Judge Elyze Iriarte, has an undeniable ownership interest in the land. The developer purchased the property through a legally-held auction in 2015.

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