Heart monitors surgically implanted for the first time in Saipan

The following is a news release from the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation:

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation recently implanted the first internal heart monitors in the CNMI.
The CHCC surgery team successfully implanted six implantable loop recorders, a heart monitoring system that records heart rhythm.
“This is a brand-new capability for us here in the CNMI,” said Dr. David Grauman, chair of the Adult Outpatient Department. “The implantable loop recorders give vital information for patients with unexplained fainting, strokes, or abnormal heartbeats of uncertain cause.”
The procedure takes about 10 minutes, with about another 45 minutes devoted to programming and patient education. The devices allow doctors to diagnose abnormal hearth rhythms that may occur infrequently, which may lead to a stroke if not properly treated.
Once the device is implanted, it is virtually invisible to the patient. The implantable loop recorders will record and monitor for irregularities of a patient’s heart for up to four years with no maintenance needed.

“These devices allow us to see a record of the patient’s heart beat, even catching irregularities that a patient may not feel,” added Grauman. “It is a big leap forward for the residents of the CNMI.”

The CHCC surgery team pose with the first internal heart monitors used in the CNMI.

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