Help save Claire’s life

The woman in this picture is Claire Siguenza, and she needs your help. She has a heart blockage, according to her cousin Mary Taijeron, and her doctor suspects there is more wrong with her that cannot be treated on island, so he referred her to Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles.

Claire, according to Mary, has Medicare, which will cover the surgery and medications, but with a co-payment and only up to a certain limit for her hospital stay. So, Claire has been putting off the surgery because she cannot afford the cost of travel and hotel accommodations.

That’s why Mary started a GoFundMe page. The family is helping and hoping to raise $4,000 so that Claire can go to California and get the surgery done to save her life.

Click here to access the GoFundMe page for Claire.

“She is always quick to help family and friends, never asking for anything even if she has issues of her own,” Mary wrote about her cousin, adding that Claire “has a heart of gold.”

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