Help send dogs to their loving homes off-island

The Boonie Flight Project is asking for your financial help to clear the animal shelter in April and get those dogs into loving homes in the mainland United States.  The non-profit organization is working closely with Guam Animals In Need and the Guam Department of Agriculture to find homes off-island for the unwanted dogs on the island.

In honor of Boonie Flight Project’s one-year anniversary, they are launching the fundraiser, Clear The Shelter.  The money raised will be used to send off eligible boonie dogs from GAIN on April 28, 2022. According to a letter from the co-founder and development director of the Boonie Flight Project Lauren Cabrera and the executive director of GAIN Alison Hadley, there are about 60,000 dogs on Guam which has led to an overpopulation problem.

To support this effort in Clearing The Shelter, donors may choose a sponsor tier; details follow:

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