Here is the proposed 100-year lease of Eagle’s Field to GovGuam

Beware the Ides of March.

For the past 2,000+ years, this date on the Roman calendar that marked the due date for taxes, became notorious for the betrayal of Julius Caesar by the Roman Senate.

Today on Guam, Caesar reverses the course of history before the Guam Legislature.

Kandit received the unsigned lease agreement between the Navy and the governor for the Eagle’s Field land. Here it is:


  • I was reading the News today about pay raises and what really hurt me, and others employed in the Private Sector was the comment made Sen. Quinata He said ‘Our People Deserved the Pay Raises’…
    Apparently, Sen. Quinata believes and feels, his ONLY OBLICATED to the workers in the Government and not in the Private Sector or anywhere else.
    Sen. Quinata idea is to divide the people of Guam of Guam…
    Sen. Quinata, I suggest you take some lessons from Sen. Blas Jr., because he’s comment: If Pay Raises are to be provided, it should be given to everyone, to include the Private Sector because without the Private Sector, their would’nt be a Government of Guam….

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