In-studio on Good Morning Marianas: The Chairman of the Republican Party of Guam


  • In-studio interview: The Chairman of the Republican Party of Guam, Juan Carlos Benitez
  • The crackdown on illegal Chinese immigration
  • Where is the 20% pay raise for teachers?
  • The problems at FBLG Middle
  • Showdown between Leevin Camacho and Doug Moylan today

Watch this morning’s newscast – Good Morning Marianas – to see the top stories from Kandit. Also, here is Kandit’s news agenda for today:

  • CONTINUING COVERAGE: Heirs of the Quenga estate want justice in an alleged multi-million dollar landscam running from Sinajana to Ordot.
  • DEVELOPING COVERAGE: Is the governor’s family benefiting from her decision to keep $320 million in federal discretionary funds in the bank?

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