It’s time to break the vicious cycle that affects our health!

By Ken Leon Guerrero
NEWSWEEK this week has an article entitled “AMERICANS ARE ADDICTED TO TOXIC FOOD AND ITS KILLING US.” A quote for the story: “Ultra-processed foods are often designed to directly target the vulnerabilities of the human brain—in particular, to exploit the way the brain processes pleasurable sensations.
They often deliver a signal to the brain’s reward centers so quick and potent, some neuroscientists believe, that many people find it as addictive as opioids or nicotine.”…/americans-are-addicted-ultra…
Food addiction, and the pressures of our 24/7 lifestyle are driving the growth rates of chronic diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiac Disease, Hypertension, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver and the long list of other metabolic diseases often referred to as “LIFESTYLE DISEASES,” for which modern medicine tells us there are no cures, only progression creating the “Vicious Cycle” as described by the Greek philosopher Socrates who observed: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got!”
The good news is it is possible to break the “vicious cycle” driven by “lifestyle diseases” by changing our lifestyle. To do that, we need to take personal charge of our own health, and work with doctors in partnership. To do that we need to learn how our bodies work and stop doing things that don’t make things better. Unfortunately, these things are no longer taught to us as children. We have to learn how to do it today, but as the saying goes: “Better late than never.”
In today’s talk we spend time with Dr. Robert Lustig who has made the shift from clinician to community advocate helping people, families, and communities battle the growing chronic disease rates using the power of lifestyle intervention.
His book: “METABOLICAL” is what I consider to be the human body owner’s manual. If you have a body, you need to learn how the foods you eat affect the various systems in your body, so you can start managing your health instead of being a victim of the foods to which you are addicted.
I hope this talk will inspire our politicians to be more involved in the battle against chronic diseases with Dr. Lustig’s work with non-profit organizations, communities, and school districts serves as a model for a holistic approach to making our people healthier.
His Books:

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