Kilili endorses Propst to replace him

The CNMI’s retiring delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, Gregorio “Kilili” Sablan, has endorsed Ed Propst in the election to replace him this year.

“I have decided to endorse and support Congressman Propst for our next delegate,” Mr. Sablan said in a campaign commercial Mr. Propst’s committee released today. “I ask all of you to consider [him], and your support for me in the past, I’ll never forget. I’m eternally grateful. But consider that I’m you to consider Congressman Propst to continue those same programs that benefit you. I think Congressman Propst can carry this torch.”

Kilili, as he is commonly and affectionately known, announced earlier this year his retirement after serving the people of the Commonwealth in the Congress’ lower chamber since his election in 2008. He has won reelection by landslides since.


  • Joe Must Go

      02/28/2024 at 6:52 PM

    Endorsements are the leftover musings of out of touch politicians. Basically what you are saying is vote for Propst because I am telling you to? So people can’t think for themselves? This is a perfect example of how politicians still believe that they are kingmakers, and what they say should be the rule. Maybe ask the CNMI voters how that has worked out for them so far on a local level? Sorry Kilili, but your track record (if looked at honestly) isn’t anything to brag about, especially since you were the first Delegate for the CNMI and sat in Washington for all of those years? Just take a look at the island for proof? (start with the hospital). I’ve said it once, and I will say it again – the voters don’t realize what should of, could of, would of happened if they had better representation? In other words, they don’t really have a measuring stick to gauge what a good Delegate actually is, since you were the only “official Delegate” the CNMI ever had? In my opinion, Arnold seems to be accomplishing more in Washington D.C. lately and I wonder why that is? (even Tina says so). So whatever, go ahead and use the “stone age” tactic of using an endorsement to “Prop up Propst”, but before November maybe I will “shed some light” (pun intended for Kandit) on a few things? Then let’s see what the voters think?

    By the way, can you please tell those of us who are curious, what your familia ties are with Propst as long as we are at it? Aren’t you related to his wife? Or am I misinformed?

      • Someone just gave away their age. That’s an old song from the Mon Du Woo, Arch Syndrome album.

      • They call me Joe

          03/02/2024 at 3:29 AM

        Orville, I have a question? Who annointed you grammar czar and or spelling guru? If you were appointed Grammar Czar (possibly under a federal grant, because we all know how educated federal workers are?), could you please look at the Russ Mason comment / posting on this page and issue a fine / citation for missssssssplelling SCRUTNY. What’s a SCRUTNY? Sounds like a crotch disease? Or should I say crotch dezeezzz?

        After that, can you find out of Mabel is single? I get off on oldies but goodies. Especially old school 45′ s on a stereo turntable (vinyl records). Or should say old 65’s?

  • If there is dirt under a rock,
    Joe will find it, and hold it up
    for public scrutny.
    Then gloat about it.

    • They call me Joe

        03/02/2024 at 3:03 AM

      Thanks Russ. I take that as a compliment coming from you. By the way, I enjoyed your years and years ago (ancient history) vitamin recommendations and health musings until you got banned? (unless I’m mistaken and my memory is failing, wasn’t that what happened to you?). Were you or were you not, the original victim of the CNMI cancel culture? Seems we now have something in common? Fancy that. Mr. Joe – aka; they now call me “spam”, meet Russ? Maybe old Mabel isn’t as kooky as I thought when it comes to CNMI media conspiracy theories?

  • They call me Joe

      03/02/2024 at 2:24 AM

    Anyone else notice? Watch the entire endorsement video, specifically at 0:45 when Mr. Ed reaches over and puts his hand on his wifes hand? Huh? Looks “staged” (LOL). And then 5-4- 3-2-1 release (ha ha). Anyone knowledgeable enough to speculate on the body language? All I’m saying is this video (in my opinion) is weird. That includes the bowing (ha ha) to Kilili? Was that a yazzzir master type moment? Can you say grow a spine and stand on your own two feet? Too funny!

    Mr. Ed almost appears like the type of person that needs some type of crutch? There he is, sitting on the couch like an adolescent on a first date relying on someone else to speak for him? (my opinion). I found it odd that almost the entire video his wife is grinning and looking at Kilili? What’s up with that? Sorry Mr. Ed, but I’m not buying what you are selling. Seems like just another one of those typical staged & paid political ads with some smooth background music included? Can I get in on some of that cash as a video director / producer? Any federal grants available? Ready, action – do a moon walk in front of your house Mr. Ed and then bow to Kilili. And apologies to you Kilili (no offense) but this is 2024 and the people of the CNMI need something other than the “same as yesterday” routine papalatong, or for that matter someone telling them that they can’t think for themselves and who they should vote for? How about if maybe Mr. Ed didn’t have any of those alleged or rumored issues, but instead put forth some original ideas and solutions for the CNMI – instead of parroting “I will continue Kilili’s legacy? Pleeeease (smh). Maybe if Mr. Ed actually had something of substance to share besides these staged (my opinion) media releases, he wouldn’t need others to prop or should I say “propst” him up? Please, let’s hear some details Mr. Ed on how you can redefine the CNMI’s relationship with Washington in such a way as to get the major issues solved? What’s the game plan? (any details and not some smoke & mirrors or “canned answers” if possible?)

    Sincerely, and for legal purposes (in a lawsuit crazy world) let’s just call all of this a “parody” and an opinion? Good luck Mr. Ed, I wish you nothing but the best – you old tool salesman from Hawaii.

    P.S. – They call me Joe – unless you are a certain CNMI media outlet, and then my name for some reason all of a sudden becomes “spam” when I try to post something negative?

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