Leche 10. This is NOT a corrupt cop

  • This is Police Officer Berlyn Savella, spokeswoman for the Guam Police Department. She is helpful and responsive to the media.

Last night there was a media report making a big deal about a traffic violation (illegal parking) she unsuccessfully challenged in court.

Kandit will be the first to scrutinize police conduct. We actively look into allegations of police corruption. And while illegal parking should not be condoned, this is not police corruption, as the story made it appear Ms. Savella was a part of.

The fact that Ms. Savella received the ticket, when she is in the position to make such a ticket disappear, is a pure indication she is an honest person and an honest cop.

How many of us civilians would attempt to find a friend or cousin in the system to “ma-fix” a ticket or some other inconvenient government action? Let’s take this one step further: How many cops speed or park illegally and have a ticket to show for it?

Ms. Savella should make better parking decisions, but she’s not corrupt and does not deserve to be slandered that way.

If you read this, Berlyn, Kandit will gladly pay that $40 fine as a ‘Thank you,’ for your honesty.

Because, my goodness, there are real stories of police corruption within the Guam Police Department that truly deserve our attention and action. There are bigger fish to fry.


  • Alan San Nicolas

      02/02/2023 at 7:13 AM

    Yanggen guaha linachi pues na dinanche. Yanggen baba pues fa-maolek. Yanggen applacha pues na gasgas. Yanggen guaha un hungok ya ti yamu pues respeta ya konsigi gi hinanao mu.

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