Legendary singer Candy Taman could use your prayers

Candido “Candy” Taman

The legendary singer, Candido “Candy” Babauta Taman and his family can use your prayers right now. Mr. Taman’s health has taken a turn for the worse, according to his cousin Esther FSound.

Ms. FSound asks that you include his wife, Mary Ellen Wertz Taman, their children and grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers.

Please hold up Candy Taman and his family in your prayers.

The following video, by Dandan Marianas, features Mr. Taman singing American Pau-aso after explaining the reason he wrote and debuted the song in 1983 is that he was seeing the influence of the West on Mariana islanders. He wanted to remind us all to never lose sight of who we are as a people.


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