Low-cost airfare, hotel, and car rental packages to Rota

You and your spouse can fly round trip to Rota from Guam or Saipan, stay in a hotel room for two nights, and have a car while you’re there for as low as $310. That’s a tour package special Star Marianas Air is offering right now.

And it’s worth it. Check out the flier:

By the way, the San Isidro Fiesta is coming up in mid-May.

While you’re there, feast on the most delicious food in the Mariana Islands. You’ll likely bump into someone who will unfreeze coconut crab (it’s not legal to hunt it until the end of the year, but residents there freeze theirs and break them out during off season) and cook you up a delicacy. Do you like lobster? Ever dine on the sweet-meat lobsters you can catch in abundance there?

There also are a few restaurants in Rota; all of them delicious. In the pictures below you’ll see one of them we went to: As Paris, with the WOW tinala katne and Rota dinanche.

Rota is an enchanted island. The people there are Chamorros like no other, living our culture, traditions, and language in steadfast heritage. The air, refined by the heavens only, breezes cool and moist. The food is unmatched.

Rota is the most beautiful place on earth.




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  • rodney perez

      04/23/2023 at 1:48 PM

    all your comments about Luta is spot on. it is the most beautiful of all the marianas islands. we are planning on a trip in the future there for some rest and relaxation. beautiful and awesome friendly people.

  • I need to check if can come from Guam to Rota on the package then go on to Saipan. (and also the other direction)

    That would be a very good Rota promo between Gaum and Saipan, since on United we have to spend $600 for airfare. If time permiting that would be a good way to travel back and forth between Saipan and Guam as Rota is a very nice friendly relaxing place. Reminds me of the small Hawaiian island of Molokai, nicknamed the friendly Isle.

    Many years ago there used to be similar promo travel packages on Aloha and Hawaiian Air between the islands. There were other promo’s also involving HVA (Hawaiian Visitor Bureau)
    Maybe there could also be a travel package, Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan (and also the other direction) to promote Rota and Tinian.

    Unfortunately with all of the useless recycled has been’s at MVA any promo’s ideas would have to be suggested and put together by a tour agency or air carriers.

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