Lujan & Duenas propose new hospital solution; already built; ready to move in

(Office of Jesse Lujan)—Last week, Senator Jesse Lujan, along with Senator Chris Dueñas, toured the Medical Arts Center, which is the building that sits in front of the Guam Regional Medical Center in Dededo.

With the hearings held and testimonies provided for where our new hospital should be built, Senator Lujan felt that waiting for a new hospital can’t be the only option and decided to start looking for alternative options or short-term solutions.

“No one is denying that we need a new hospital. But we can’t just wait for the new hospital to be built. This is going to take at least five to ten years. We need to continue providing healthcare services to our people. But we also know GMH needs more support and resources. We need a solution now, or an interim solution while we wait. And I think I may have found it,” Lujan, stated.

Senator Lujan looked for facilities with the capacity to be retrofitted into hospitals or large clinics. It was then brought to Lujan’s attention that there currently exists a facility that was intended to be part of an existing hospital.

“My staff and I identified the Guam Medical Arts Center as a potential alternative. I then reached out to Cesar Cabot to find out more about the facility. He was able to meet with me and a couple other senators, presenting us with an interim solution. The infrastructure is already there and it has the capacity to hold sixty to one hundred twenty beds,” Lujan continued.

The Medical Arts Center is a 51,000 square foot, three-story building that was initially built to offer hospice care, advanced senior care, doctor’s office, a primary clinic, and a skilled nursing facility. After touring the building and hearing the presentation, Senator Lujan is convinced that this could help alleviate the patient load from GMH and provide additional support and services to the island.

“This doesn’t have to be the permanent solution. But this is a solution. Again, the infrastructure is there with all the plumbing in place, and the capacity to provide hospital services to our people. Depending on how we utilize it, the facility could start receiving patients in six to twelve months. The Government of Guam should look into using this facility for an immediate-term option. I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t,” Senator Lujan concluded.


  • Alan San Nicolas

      11/08/2023 at 5:55 AM

    Faisen maisa hao hafa na ti mana se-setbe I guma (building) ni taotao GRMC. Gaigi na duru man agotmentu gi kotte. Pues matto hamyu ya para en asiste ni achaki (prublema) niha. Chechu gagu I pon famahan guma ni esta ma kahat. Muchumas, kao enfan kontentu ni ma hatsa ña ?

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