Lujan appointed to advocate Philippine relations benefiting Guam

Jesse Lujan

The following is a news release from the Office of Jesse Lujan, member of the Guam Legislature:

On Monday, Congressman James Moylan appointed Senator Jesse Lujan as the Guam-Philippines Legislative Liaison. In his official letter, Congressman Moylan indicates that Senator Lujan was appointed due to his experience and advocacy on key topics.

“The Philippines is an important ally for Guam to have. We can attribute many of the key factors of our economy to the migration of Filipinos. The presence and growth of the Filipino community on Guam has benefitted our island and people with their contributions to our society by sharing their culture, values, generosity, skills, friendship, and more. This position is responsible for enhancing local collaboration on topics which mutually benefit Guam and the Philippines, establishing positions to gauge the local support on proposals, as well as creating awareness on germane issues we feel need to be addressed on a federal level. Ultimately, this appointment is one way of strengthening the bonds between us,” Lujan voiced.

This appointment comes at an opportune time and is welcomed by Lujan, as both the Senator’s office and the Congressman’s office had been collaborating on a Philippine-Guam visa waiver program. But more than representing Guam in advancing the alliance and collaboration with the Philippines, this appointment touches closer to home for Lujan. Not only has Senator Lujan’s years in office included advocating for visa waivers for Philippine tourism and Philippine employment on Guam, the Senator is married to Mary Ann Suyao-Lujan, who is the Vice Mayor of Guimbal, Iloilo, Philippines. Earlier in March, the two celebrated their twelfth-year wedding anniversary. The Republican Senator feels that the appointment is very fitting and brings him closer to his wife in more ways than one.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity and honored to be appointed. As a happily married husband to a Filipina, and as a proponent of a robust and diverse economy, I gladly accept this position and will diligently take on the role. I am committed to furthering the partnership between Guam and the Philippines and will do my best to strengthen our relationship. Si Yu’os Ma’åse’. Maraming Salamat Po.” Lujan concluded.

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