Magofna appointed to Senate investigations committee

Celina Babauta has appointed Corina Magofna to the Senate Executive Appointments and Government Investigations committee. She will replace Dennis Mendiola, who resigned last week from the EAGI and the Judiciary, Government, and Law committees.

Ms. Babauta, the chairwoman of both committees, previously announced her appointment of Tinian’s Francisco Cruz to the JGL committee.

Mr. Mendiola cited his desire for Ms. Babauta to appoint Tinian’s three senators to the committees in which he once sat as the reason for his resignations.

“I thank Senator Dennis C. Mendiola for his valuable contributions to the EAGI and JGL Committees,” Ms. Babauta said in her Friday memorandum to the Senate president announcing the appointments of Ms. Magofna and Mr. Cruz.

While Mr. Cruz is from Tinian, Ms. Magofna is from Saipan. Kandit sources say the Tinian senators have been eager to serve on the EAGI, not the JGL committee.

“The ruse didn’t work,” one source said. “Celina is smarter than them.”

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