Medical boards far from professional or effective in protecting patients

The following is from a news release from the Office of Speaker Therese Terlaje:

Therese Terlaje

Oversight for the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners and the Guam Board of Medical Examiners was conducted Wednesday by the Legislature’s Health Committee Chairperson, Speaker Therese Terlaje.  The goal of the hearing was to determine how applications for licenses are handled when there are previous disciplinary actions or accusations, the causes of delays in the adjudication of cases, and the lack of communication with complainants.

“I have had previous oversights of both boards and the Health Professional Licensing Office and I still continue to receive complaints and concerns from individuals who have no resolution to their cases, nor communication from these investigative boards on the status of their complaints. These oversights help us get answers to questions from the public and brings members of the community together with the board in a neutral space to address their concerns,” stated the Speaker.

It was made clear during the hearings that there are no outlined procedures for the board to follow when determining licensure for physicians with complaints or disciplinary action in other jurisdictions. Both boards have the ability and obligation to set standards as to how these cases are handled for patients who file grievances and that those standards are communicated properly to effectively protect the safety of our community.

Speaker Terlaje stated, “For as long as I have been a senator, I have been working to identify the gaps, make changes to policy, and respond to the calls for accountability by expecting direct responses from board members to the questions posed by the people of Guam. We’re trying to do our part and shed light on areas that need it and to allow a forum for additional discussion when there seems to be no opportunity for one. I had hoped to see all the board members present because I want them to hear for themselves, not have it interpreted for them, that the non-responses have very much affected these complainants and that the boards can do better. We all need to do better and I am willing to do my part.”


  • The entire legislative body must be proactively attentive of all ongoing issues within the Legislature.

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