Military identifies an initial 64 federal acres for livestock grazing

The following is from a news release from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

In response to a query from the Office of Congressman San Nicolas, Rear Adm. Benjamin Nicholson has identified an initial 64 acres of Department of Defense (DOD) federal lands on Guam suitable for grazing. Additionally, upon completion of Missile Defense Agency (MDA) determinations, greater acreage may be further identified.

“In our pursuit of lower meat prices and greater food security we engaged JRM to identify sustainable livestock areas on federal lands to support a slaughterhouse operation on Guam,” said Congressman San Nicolas.

“These initial 64 acres were not only found to be available, but were further found to be suitable, as not just any plot of land is serviceable for grazing purposes, and we are grateful for JRM taking the extra steps to ensure that the end goal is achievable with the lands they identify,” Congressman San Nicolas added.

“As we look forward to potentially more acres being added to this inventory at the conclusion of the MDA assessment, we again call on the local government to do a similar assessment with GovGuam land inventories, so that we can build further grazing capacity to support our community with local meat products,” Congressman San Nicolas continued.

“The people of Guam thank Adm. Nicholson and the JRM team for helping us work towards the goal of greater food sustainability and lower meat prices, and look forward to further progress with our DOD partners in this regard,” Congressman San Nicolas concludes.


  • Mathew Philips

      03/22/2022 at 6:20 PM

    With the Delegate kowtowing to the military, the people will once again be in danger of being like ‘livestock.’

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