Mother’s Love • Love for Mothers: Norma Jean Nauta, Ferina Toves, and Maryann Nauta

To our: Mother, Norma Jean Nauta; and grandmothers Ferina Toves & Maryann Nauta
Cancer can strike mothers of any age, from the newest mothers to the great-grandmothers. Motherhood and the mutual links of lifelong love and responsibility that arise from it have no age limit, just as cancer has no age limit.
Never forget how strong you are, mama. We’re extremely proud of you for fighting cancer and continuing to fight it. We adore you with all our hearts, and we’re proud to say we have a mother who battled cancer and beat it. Happy Mother’s Day to you, grandma Maryann Nauta who loves us with all her heart and always thinking of our wellbeing and mom, and grandma (Ferina Toves may she rest in heaven). While she may not be here on this earth to celebrate with us, we’re sure she’s watching over us all with a smile on her face. Regardless, we love all three of you and we are proud of the sacrifices you all made.
Happy Mother’s Day 💖
Love your kids, grandkids and even the great grandchildren!

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