Moylan giving alleged Dededo shooters last chance to comply with law

Douglas Moylan

The attorney general of Guam wants Guam police officers to issue one last warning to whoever is shooting firearms at the Sportsland Shooting Range in Dededo before arresting them. In an email to the police chief today, Douglas Moylan wrote, “I am aware of criminal complaints from surrounding families about shooting continuing at the Sportsland Shooting Range in Dededo, including a public media report.”

The shooting range does not have a valid license to operate, according to Mr. Moylan. The issuance of that license became a public controversy last year that resulted in a commitment by the government to reissue the business its license if it built a security fence to certain specifications. At the time, residents of the area, Mr. Moylan, and others, were concerned about stray bullets from the range hurting people within a wide radius. That included a nearby public school.

“Without a lawful license to shoot, they appear to be in violation of Guam law that prohibits discharge of a firearm within 50 yards of an occupied dwelling,” Mr. Moylan wrote to Stephen Ignacio, the chief of police.

The attorney general has asked Mr. Ignacio to have his officers conduct an investigation and to issue a final warning “to person(s) shooting and to the president of that business, Mr. John Sablan. If your officers are forced to respond again, that the appropriate action and procedures are followed to conduct an arrest of the person who discharged a firearm.”


  • Imelda Tanapino

      02/02/2024 at 4:40 PM

    There will be no repercussions nor arrests in this matter – NEPOTISM AND CORRUPTION REIGNS SUPREME on Guam.

    While most decent, non-corruptible, non-nepotistic, non-ice smoking honest people on Guam support the Atty General’s campaign against crime and GovGuam corruption, a few powerful, well financed, politically influential crooks will do all they can to thwart his attempts to enforce Guam’s laws and protect us from the ice smoking thieves.

    The people on this “Island of Theives” should repent of their sins, stop sinning, and thank God for Doug Moylan.

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