Moylan protests for lower gas prices

Sen. Jim Moylan is serious and taking his fight to lower gas prices a step further. Right now, Mr. Moylan is standing in the searing heat outside the legislature protesting until senators go into session on bills to get rid of the taxes associated with the gas we get for our cars.

He is requesting the Speaker’s consideration to call an Emergency Session to initiate discussions on four measures associated with fuel tax relief for island residents.

“My objectives are simple, if we don’t continue to push this issue, another month would have gone by, gas prices would continue to escalate to $6.50-$7.00 a gallon, and island residents would continue to struggle at the fuel pumps. This is not right. I urge the community to join me and demand that the 36th Guam Legislature get into an Emergency Session at the earliest, and let’s get some fuel relief to our people. There are solutions on the table, so let’s get the ball rolling”, stated Senator Moylan.

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