MSN to governor: Stop using federal funds to campaign with misleading message

Stop misusing federal funds on campaign-type commercials that misleadingly take credit for even more federal funds. That’s the message Congressman Michael San Nicolas sent out Wednesday morning to the governor in an interview with Ray Gibson on 93.3 FM The Point’s Ray Gibson Show. The host couldn’t agree more with him.

Mr. San Nicolas and Mr. Gibson were referring to commercials the Leon Guerrero administration has been playing on radio, television, and social media. The commercial feature Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero taking credit for programs that are federally funded. The commercials also are federally funded.

The irony is that the funds – drawn from the generosity of the American taxpayer – were secured by Mr. San Nicolas and his colleague to the north in the CNMI, Congressman Gregorio “Kilili” Sablan.

SAN NICOLAS: There’s been a concerted effort to take those federal resources, create these local programs, and rebrand everything and make it look like it’s somehow all being done locally. And I’m definitely not anti-local, but I want our people to not be misled. Especially when, you know, we’re having the very same administration going to the United Nations and saying, ‘Uncle Sam, the bad guy,’ while with the other hand, they’re taking Uncle Sam’s money and rebranding it for their own campaign book.”

GIBSON: Oh my God, I roll my eyes! We’re sending the lieutenant governor out to the United Nations to talk about how lousy we’ve been treated by the federal government. And at the same time they put his picture and her picture on the ads that are paid for with these federal dollars.

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