Police chief: Help us identify murdered man

Chief of Police Stephen Ignacio is asking the public’s help in identifying a man, whose incomplete remains were found in a burning pile of trash in Chalan Pago January 29, 2022.

Forensic analysts were able to reconstruct and sketch two tattoos found on the torso of the remains of a man, believed to be between the ages of 18 and 40. Mr. Ignacio showed and released the sketches; one, a tribal tattoo, and the other a tattoo of the words: Strength Respect Loyalty.

“We have looked through all our missing person cases for any person with matching tattoos, however we can’t match any at this time,” Mr. Ignacio said. “This is why we are now coming to the public to ask for your help in identifying this victim.”

Guam Police Department detectives have been unable to identify a suspect without first identifying the victim and being able to retrace the crime based on identification, the chief said.

“The parts of the body we found were not enough to make an identification,” the chief said, replying to a question whether the victim was decapitated. The chief alluded to this, saying ways of identifying victims – dental records and fingerprints – are not available in this case.

He did confirm suspicion the man was not killed where he was found, and that he was murdered shortly before he was burned.

“We believe the location where we found the body was what we call a dump site,” Mr. Ignacio said. “We believe the body was fairly new. It was not too decomposed. The remains were only enough to tell us it was clearly a homicide. We don’t know cause of death yet.”

The police chief is asking that anyone with information call the Guam Police Department. If you want to remain anonymous, send your information via Guam Crime Stoppers at their website, guamcrimestoppers.com.

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