Narruhn going to prison for raping woman

Sex crimes prosecutor Christine Tenorio convinced the jury that Robby Narruhn, beyond reasonable doubt, raped a woman the day after Valentine’s Day last year. He may be sentenced to up to 20 years in local prison. Attorney General Douglas Moylan said his office will pursue the maximum possible sentence.

According to the original complaint against Mr. Narruhn, on February 15, 2022, he broke into the woman’s home, where she was sleeping. She awoke to his penis penetrating her vagina.

She told police he was holding scissors to her back during the rape. When police arrived, according to the complaint, the woman was “crying heavily and breathing hard.”

Mr. Narruhn took his case to trial, where a jury of 12 unanimously convicted him of both burglary and second degree criminal sexual conduct Friday.

“Defendant has a criminal history, including multiple felony convictions,” Mr. Moylan said. “This is a woman’s worst nightmare. Because of this guilty verdict, our streets are safer with one less violent predator. The victim can now start healing.”

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