Not all superheroes wear capes

Evan Berg on Saturday walked by a grilled storm drain across Oka PayLess and found a kitten stuck inside. According to his post in the Facebook group Ruff Pack Guam, where he and others were pleading for help for this kitten, he and others tried to pry the grill open. It wouldn’t budge.

He got some help from the Tamuning Mayor’s Office, but they weren’t able to reach the kitten, either.

“They said we needed to contact Public Works but I don’t think they open until Monday,” Mr. Berg explained to a concerned commenter. Another commenter, Stephanie Houser, this morning provided an update:

Men from the Guam Fire Department came to the rescue, and that kitten now is in Ms. Houser’s foster care.

Fire Captain Kevin San Nicolas and firefighters Ronald Mendiola, Shane Blas, and Kolby Corpuz from the Tamuning Fire Station rescued the trapped kitten, leading to a happy ending or at least one of the tens of thousands of lost and stray animals in our island.

Kudos to these men, to Mr. Berg, and to Ms. Houser.

Anyone want to adopt a kitten?

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