Nubena tonight dedicated to addicts, and the scourge of crime and drugs

As a former meth user, I know that around this time (it’s about 7:30 a.m., when I’m writing this piece) drug users are either coming down from their high and looking for more drugs. Or, we are reloading our pipes and syringes.

I stopped shooting up and using meth a few years ago. Cold turkey. The struggle was exceptional. A combination of factors and circumstances helped me to stay off the needle and the pipe, not the least of which were the love and camaraderie of other addicts who quit cold turkey, and the prayers so many of you offered for me.

Since then, I have battled a couple depressions likely brought on by physiological changes and the pandemic restrictions. We have rebuilt our lives. We’ve celebrated a journey of both recovery and success in business together.

The easing of my struggle would not be cemented, however, until about a year ago. It followed a couple years of reestablishing my Catholic roots, and beginning a Christian journey of renewal. I started by going to Mass every Sunday, inspired by our best friend, Vanessa Navarro.

I didn’t understand much of it at first, but I knew I enjoyed being there, in the House of God, for an hour and just genuflecting to that Cross. Three years later, and here I am. My life is more beautiful than ever. My faith stronger than it’s ever been.

If I can do it, if I can be in this place, then any drug or alcohol abuser can do the same.

If you’re in recovery and you’re struggling with it… Or if you love someone, who is battling addiction… Or even if this morning you’re downing, or you took a toke to get up, or you shot up to get your fix… I invite you to join me tonight at the Agana Cathedral at 5 p.m.

That is when the sixth night of the Nubena to Santa Marian Kamalen will start. And tonight’s Nubena is dedicated to those of us struggling with addiction, and for all who are “gripped with fear because of Coronavirus, the increase in crimes, illegal drugs and fentanyl.”

Let’s pray with and for each other. We know we need these prayers. Trust me. Just being there, in the church, makes life so much better.


  • I too am a recovering addict!! I am 5 years sober and I understand how hard the struggle to stay sober is!! I have been through all the pain and suffering that you have also described as yours. Every day is a struggle to fight demons and to make a conscious choice to stay sober, but I push through and remain sober! Biba sobriety!! I pray everyday and look to my faith for the strength as well! Take care!!

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