Officials need your help to bring dog abuser to justice

The following is a news release from the Guam Department of Agriculture:

Your Guam Department of Agriculture (DOAG) Animal Health Division Animal Control Officers (ACO) are seeking information regarding an incident that occurred early the morning of Friday, August 19th.

At approximately 6:15 AM on Friday, August 19th, a medium-sized, tan and white, male stray dog was seen on surveillance cameras in the area behind the Fred Gabriel building in East Haganta, which houses the Player’s Bar and MonaLicia Groomers.  On the surveillance video the dog had no visible injuries. When the dog was found at approximately 8:00 AM by a nearby worker, the worker observed multiple deep lacerations, indicative of an attack by machete, knife or other sharp instrument. The concerned citizen immediately notified Guam Animals In Need (GAIN), who in turn called the Animal Control Officers to pick up the injured dog. Before the ACOs arrived at the scene however, local rescue group Boonie Flight Project stepped in to rescue the dog, which was promptly taken to the Animal Medical Clinic and received medical care for his injuries.  The dog sustained 3 deep lacerations which required more than 30 stitches to repair. The dog remained hospitalized for one week and received multiple medications and continued wound care provided by the compassionate AMC staff. This dog is now in foster care with the Boonie Flight Project and will be placed up for adoption once he has recovered from his wounds.

 “This brutalization demands outrage from our community.  No matter how you may feel about strays, no animal deserves this vicious cruelty.  Please if you know something, say something,” pleads Chelsa Muna-Brecht, Director of the Guam Department of Agriculture.

“While the Animal Health Division’s primary mission is to protect all the animals of Guam, it is also imperative to consider that any human being that would brutally attack an animal in this fashion would have no hesitation in doing so to a fellow human being. Research has shown there is a direct correlation between physical animal abuse and domestic violence. This immoral act must not go unpunished,” states Dr. Mariana Q. Turner, Territory Veterinarian.

The Guam Department of Agriculture Animal Health Division is seeking the help of the community to locate the responsible person or persons in this attack. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact our Animal Health Division at 671-300-7964/6

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