Ogo testifies to misuse of funds, directors on drugs, abuse of power; says to voters: “Only you see what you mark on the ballot”

A recent and high-ranking member of the Torres family publicly said her former brother-in-law’s administration is laden with nepotism, abuse of power, cabinet members who come to work high on drugs, political hires unqualified for the jobs they have, illegal expediting processes, and the “unwarranted use of funds.”

“I didn’t sign up for this,” Rowina Ogo, the former wife of Gov. Ralph Torres’s oldest brother, Vince Torres, said in a half-hour expose on her knowledge of the corruption and malfeasance of the Torres administration.

Ms. Ogo lamented the treatment of workers and family members by those she identified only as the “giants and elves” within the Torres administration, whom she claimed had led the governor astray. Asked whether she could identify those ‘giants and elves,’ and those who had misused public funds and went to work high on narcotics, Ms. Ogo responded she could not on the advice of her attorney.

The former in-law was ever present and instrumental throughout Ralph Torres’s political career and his administration. She had been a vocal advocate for Mr. Torres, and arguably his most vehement defender, speaking up for him even while Torres’s wife, Diann, did not.

That support seemed to end last month, following the resignation of her friend, Priscilla Iakapo, as executive director of the Marianas Visitors Authority. Ms. Iakapo’s resignation came in protest of the treatment of her husband, Stanley Iakapo. Mr. Iakapo resigned as the Commonwealth’s top veterans official following two incidents: 1) comments by the deputy secretary of U.S. Veterans Affairs of his disappointment in Gov. Torres’s lack of knowledge of veterans issues; and 2) the governor’s disapproval of military leave for Mr. Iakapo.

Ms. Iakapo’s resignation triggered Ms. Ogo to abolish her Legacy 5X group, which she organized in support of the governor, and led to a string of public commentary she made that seemed to implicate everyone from the governor’s chief of staff, Wil Castro, to her ex-brother-in-law Joaquin “Jack” Torres in alleged misconduct. 

“You are surrounded by hungry sharks,” Ms. Ogo directed at Gov. Torres in her October 28 expose. She did not elaborate, but to say that they are driven “by the elves that define and create corruption in your administration.”

At the end of her speech, Ms. Ogo asked the Commonwealth’s voters to “Follow your true feelings and not your influence,” after discussing the culture of fear and intimidation that has pervaded the Torres administration.

“Only you see what you mark on the ballot,” she said.


    • Hahahahaha. For real. This lady is full of herself. If she really wants to shed light, inform the FBI. Why you scared Rowina


      11/30/2022 at 8:36 AM

    Rowena Ogo-Torres, your heart is still trying to hold on to that bright red thread, in hope’s that Torres will still be a part of you personally. AYE🤭

    You were married to a Torres, you have beautiful children that have Torres blood running through their veins, over the years you have bonded with some Torres family. Also, you volunteered your time and energy towards this year’s election before it even began, in support of Gov. Torres. FULL ON HEAD STRONG! In addition to that, you stated that you defend him even when his wife does not.

    In your eyes, Gov. Torres is a good man and worth all your efforts to support and defend. Most especially through social media. Yet you have the audacity to disrespect his wife, with an inappropriate comment, in which only a rat would do. You were married once, which didn’t last, but you should know that as wife you must support your husband and guide him to a straight path. No one is perfect, however I’m sure the First Lady had good reasons as his wife. That on the other hand is between them as a married couple. You just jumped in for the credit and attention.

    I could go on ranting about how much of a hypocrite you are, but that would be like writing a book.

    Rowena Ogo, the public has seen countless social media flaunts hidden in between Legacy 5X videos, supporting Gov. Torres throughout this election & exercising the eyes of the public reading your childish outbursts on the news. This year you have managed to surface the CNMI broadcast more than you did in 2001, as a MISS CNMI CANDIDATE. Hi-five on tarnishing your own reputation, congratulations and keep it up, you are on a roll.

    Finally, it’s your turn to read. I pray that you understand every sentence and not every word. Using a thesaurus to learn A+ words to practice your speech as a snitch is for high school nuisances.
    Please, your better off being a mother, rather than a plastic little girl looking for attention.

    Let me summarize what I have seen and what I have read.
    First of, if it wasn’t for your most recent shenanigans , the Gov. may have had a chance this election. I’m sure he is grateful for that. On your rat statement, you unlawfully accused the Gov. Staff of 6 misconduct behavior. To my understanding, you yourself came to a crossroad with expenditures, not including, the unknown siphoning of finances during the Gov. Term. You see Rowena, not only you knows what dirty laundry others carry behind their curtains.
    In case you haven’t noticed abuse of power started back in the 1600’s Era. So why rat on the person you so called defend, while his wife is at the beach reading a book? By the way, there are 87.43% of people around the world who are under qualified for their job. Just a little 411 for you, also, here in the CNMI, political hire is #3 on our charts. You should know that cause you were recently a part of the Torres family. I know for sure you have used that borrowed Torres power to pull strings, because I myself encountered that through you. All in black and white.

    Here is where it gets funny and awkward, two more things on your rat speech. Before I go on get a dictionary…LOL😝. Once again you live in the CNMI, NEPOTISM IS POLITICAL HIRE. Most people who are POLITICAL hired, even if they are under qualified IS NEPOTISM!!! Holy Guaka! Now the next topic is the mind twister. You again, unlawfully accused people of being under the influence of narcotics while on the clock. How the HELL would you have known that information? Most people keep their habits on a down low and you are accusing more than one person. Which made me put on my inspector gadget hat. People within that crowd have similar patterns. You knowing that information, including names, your previous actions in public, and most of all your actions during your rat speech. You weren’t nervous, you were just hype, couldn’t stop moving, pattern in blinking your eyes, not to mention your eyes couldn’t find a focus point. Just looking here and there. Your appearance was different. You looked like you haven’t slept and a bit messy, no lipstick or makeup. Usually, you look good anywhere you go. ??????? hmmmmm. What’s mind bugging, is the fact that I recieved a call from you recently, however the person on the phone was someone I know, who I keep my family away from. Let me tell you this Rowena, that person gave your number out saying it was his. NOT KNOWING IT WAS STORED IN MY CONTACTS DIRECTLY FROM YOU A YEAR AGO. This just happened recently, and I called the number again, guess who abetted the voicemail; “HEY THIS IS ROWENA”!

    Clean up before you lose it all

    • Jose Saures

        12/08/2022 at 6:01 AM

      I might not like her, but i respect the fact that she uses her real face and name, as for you gutless troll, your comments mean nothing to me, your karma is still on the way. You see and kniw the truth, yet you still believe the lies, so sad for you.

    • Funny how I get so much faceless and nameless accounts. I love the read and just so you know I have many numbers and by the way you write, you sound bitter you can’t say your name because you hold a high position. Your information or anyone’s information does not phase me. Ì may not be perfect, but I am covered with aligning my principles and not afraid to display it. The rant blah blah you state here are quite entertaining. I should thank you and know that with what life has thrown at me, believe me your essay here does not even bother me, but puts a smile on my natural make up free face that hustles on her own, messy because of the island girl in me and messy looking at times because i choose to be. Thanks for the judgement and observation..lol..because people like you are smart to be dumb enough to value principles. Happy Holidays!

      Rowina Marie Taimanao Ogo

  • Jose Saures

      12/08/2022 at 6:02 AM

    I might not like her, but i respect the fact that she uses her real face and name, as for you gutless troll, your comments mean nothing to me, your karma is still on the way. You see and know the truth, yet you still believe the lies, so sad for you.

  • Jose Saures

      12/08/2022 at 6:06 AM

    I might not like her, but i respect the fact that she uses her real face and name, as for you gutless troll, your comments mean nothing to me, your karma is still on the way. You see and know the truth, yet you still believe the lies, so sad for you.

    btw, nepotism doesn’t mean hiring unqualified people you know, it’s employing family members, you need the dictionary more.🙄🙄

  • SiiPhotograph670

      12/10/2022 at 9:24 PM

    She is not like this when I met her she is really kind she wouldn’t do anything bad

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